Macau’s Historical Witnesses


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作        者:Christopher Chu, Pui Man Hoi

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This is neither a travel blog nor a history textbook, but rather, something in between. In the chapters ahead, one will find a collection of stories, anecdotes, and urban legends as witnessed by Macau’s historical landmarks. This book aims to provide an abbreviated explanation for a city with a complicated past. This is by no means a complete historical summary of Macau.


Christopher Chu

Christopher Chu is originally from New York. He double majored in ecnomics and psychology from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Christopher also holds a MPhil from the University of Cambridge, reading at the Faculty of Oriental Studies. Christopher often likes to share that Ian Fleming’s James Bond character also studied at the same faculty.

Pui Man Hoi

Pui Man Hoi is an Associate Professor at the University of Macau. Born and raised in Macau, Maggie studied Pharmacology at the University College London( UCL). Maggie also holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and reminds Christopher to stop telling everyone that he and James Bond would have the same theoretical degree.


1. Before There Was Macau, There Was Poetry

2. The Portuguese Padroado And The Seeds of Hostility

3. The Armação System That Built Macau

4. At the Center of Portuguese Macau’s Only War

5. “City of the Name of God of Macau in China, There Is None More Loyal”

6. I Alone Can Fix It

7. Landslide: The Final Days of Macau’s Golden Era

8. A Higher Loyalty

9. The Chinese Rites Controversy In Macau

10. The Room Where It Happened

11. Burial Rights: The Devil’s Bargain

12. A Chinnery Stroll

13. Temples of Mercy: Macau’s Unknown Opium Stories

14. Fire and Fury: Retrieving Amaral’s Other Arm

15. Macau’s Exclusive Sin: Too Much and Never Enough

16. A Warning

17. The St. Lazarus Quarter: A Tale of Two Asylums
Camilo Pessanha and The Water Clock

18. Guia Hill and Macau’s Military Footprint

19. Macau’s Seen & Unseen Beauty

20. Dessert Wars, Coloane Pirates, and Island Jurisdiction

21. Sun Yat-sen’s Macau and first wife Lu Muzhen

22. Macau’s Art of the Deal

The Conclusion

A Macau Timeline


Illustration References & Additional Notes



This book does not attempt to predict the fate of man but aims to hopefully facilitate moments or creativity and imagination, doing so while creating a new appreciation for Macau, ‘a city there is none more loyal.’
——Christopher Chu, Pui Man Hoi


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