Camilo Pessanha’s Macau Stories


ISBN 978-99981-63-20-1
出       版:澳門人出版有限公司
作       者:Christopher Chu, Pui Man Hoi

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庇山耶(Camilo Pessanha)不是一個無生命的地標,而是一個活生生的見證者,他見證了澳門的歷史時刻。


透過Camilo Pessanha’s Macau Stories,我們可以從象徵主義詩人庇山耶的視角來探索澳門這座城市的獨特風貌,從而看到一個不一樣的澳門。澳門作為故事舞台,這裡展示了庇山耶與各種人和事之間的關係。此外,書中還展示了庇山耶在澳門的生活點滴,以及他在這個城市中所面臨的種種挑戰和困惑。這些描寫使讀者能夠更好地理解庇山耶的內心和當時的社會氛圍。這本書通過描述庇山耶與澳門的種種交織,展示了澳門作為一個多元文化交匯處的魅力,讓讀者對這位詩人和這座城市有了更全面的認識。

The author wrote this historical literary work based on the era in which the stories took place. By combining his imagination with the stories of Camilo Pessanha, he enhanced the depth of the stories, allowing readers to gain a better understanding of Camilo Pessanha’s inner world. In this book, readers can understand the legendary story of this literary giant through Camilo Pessanha’s daily life, religious beliefs, artistic creations, work, and love. Through Camilo Pessanha’s Macau Stories, we can explore the unique character of this city from the perspective of Macau’s symbolist poet, Camilo Pessanha, and see a different side of Macau. These descriptions allow readers to better understand Camilo Pessanha’s inner world and the social atmosphere of that time. By depicting the intertwining of Camilo Pessanha and Macau, this book showcases the charm of Macau as a melting pot of diverse cultures, providing readers with a comprehensive understanding of both the poet and the city.


Christopher Chu
Christopher Chu is originally from New York. He double majored in ecnomics and psychology from Pitzer College in Claremont, California. Christopher also holds a MPhil from the University of Cambridge, reading at the Faculty of Oriental Studies. Christopher often likes to share that Ian Fleming’s James Bond character also studied at the same faculty.

Pui Man Hoi
Pui Man Hoi is an Associate Professor at the University of Macau. Born and raised in Macau, Maggie studied Pharmacology at the University College London( UCL). Maggie also holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge and reminds Christopher to stop telling everyone that he and James Bond would have the same theoretical degree.


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1. Exiled
2. A different world
3. You’ve got mail
4. My Confession: Eye catching
5. Hong Kong truths
6. My Confession: Family affairs
7. Identity crisis, 1898
8. Friendly enemies
9. My Confession: Better than revenge
10. Camilo’s women
11. What’s in a name?
12. The pirate king
13. My Confession: The Guild
14. Muddy waters
15. Sun Yat-sen’s Macau
16. Chinese art
17. Stories of the past
18. My Confession: Life after
19. Irony
20. My Final Confession: What really matters

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